Tara’s Emotional Stripes

Within only five days I lost two loved ones. My aunt Pepper was diagnosed with breast cancer around five years ago. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy and other procedures Pepper went into remission. A few years passed and she felt some pain in her leg. When she went to the Dr. they told her that it was stage-4 breast cancer.

Health Hikes

Taking Care of YOU

We love being active! There was a time during Mindy’s cancer battle that she couldn’t do any sports, or physical fitness activities, even something as simple as swimming…(which is the end of the world when Mindy can’t swim).

Making Memories

Fire Station 5 Driving PINK for Awareness

Fire Station 5 Driving PINK for Awareness

Today was bittersweet. Fire Station 5 in Fullerton now has a new meaning to me. I went to the Station just thinking this was going to be an awesome experience. You know?…sign the truck, take a picture, and leave. Little did I know the impact it was going to have on this Blog and me.


Code Red Cheers on Mindy

Code Red Cheers on Mindy