Easy Breakfast Omelet

Easy Breakfast Omelet

I love to eat healthy, especially after a good work out. I try to really make my breakfast healthy and hearty. Eggs are a perfect way to get a lot of your daily protein in. I use 1/3-cup egg whites (equivalent to two large egg whites) and 1 whole large egg. At the start of each week I like to prep my veggies which means I dice up my bell peppers and onion, an omelet is pretty basic, you can add tomato, spinach, olives, etc. Skies the limit. I like to buy my egg whites and bacon bits from Costco (it’s the cheapest and the expiration date is about 3 months after you buy them).

omelet ingredients


1-tablespoon Olive oil or butter

¼-cup cheese

¼-cup of your choice of veggies (diced onion and bell peppers)

1-tablespoon bacon bits

1 egg

1/3-cup egg whites

Salt to taste

I love sautéed veggies so I put a half tablespoon of butter into a small frying pan and toss in my desired veggies (usually onion and bell peppers). After I toss the veggies and coat them with butter, I throw in the bacon bits and allow them to cook or crisp up with the veggies. Sauté the veggies until cooked through, about 3-5 minutes. I like the onions and bell peppers with a little char on them. After your veggies are cooked remove from heat and put on a plate or bowl and put to the side.

IMG_0138              IMG_0141

Put the pan back on medium heat and in the same pan add the remaining butter and coat the pan. Then add the egg whites and quickly add the whole egg, use a fork or spatula to break the yolk and stir before the eggs start to cook or solidify.

omelet              scrambled

Allow the omelet to cook on one side for about 2-3 minutes, and with a spatula carefully flip the omelet (it will still be liquidy on top as you start to flip). After you flip the egg add half of the cheese to one half of the omelet, add the layer of veggies and bacon bits or whatever you want to fill your omelet with and then top the veggies with the remaining cheese.

open omelet

Then fold the empty half of the omelet over to cover the filling. Allow the cheese to melt and ENJOY your finished product.

finished omelet

The flipping of the omelet might take some practice but don’t give up. Eating healthy and smart is worth it! Plus, it looks so cool when you can toss veggies and flip eggs without using any utensils!

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