Who We Are

"You have cancer." Imagine those words echoing through your mind. In a recent study done by The American Cancer Society they estimated that in 2016, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed and 595,690 cancer deaths in the US. After getting diagnosed with cancer many things run through your mind, but one thing that any individual shouldn't have to think is, "can I afford to have cancer?" 

Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we. Stripes of a Warrior was created to help ease the financial burdens placed on families and individuals affected by cancer (ALL cancers). Nominate yourself, a friend, or loved one.

What Our Name Means

The STRIPES represent the scars and hardships of the journey, but they don’t define you, they’re a reminder of the WARRIOR that you are. People all over the world can benefit from hearing about the STRIPES OF A WARRIOR. To read from our Warriors please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog.