Our Story

Stripes of a Warrior originated as a blog created by, Mindy M. and Tara T., best friends that come from two different backgrounds. Mindy, 33 years old, is a breast cancer Warrior and is now in remission after 336 days of treatments and doctor’s appointments. Tara, 31 years old, has seen cancer from a family member’s and friend’s perspective and has experienced the loss of loved ones due to cancer. They saw the importance of sharing the stories of ALL Warriors, both those who have or had cancer and those who support their loved ones with cancer. After starting the blog they saw the impact and pressure that cancer places on individuals and families FINANCIALLY and that’s when Stripes of a Warrior decided to become a 501(c)(3).

What Our Name Means

The STRIPES represent the scars and hardships of the journey, but they don’t define you, they’re a reminder of the WARRIOR that you are. People all over the world can benefit from hearing about the STRIPES OF A WARRIOR. To read from our Warriors please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog.