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Fire Station 5 Driving PINK for Awareness

Fire Station 5 Driving PINK for Awareness

Today was bittersweet. Fire Station 5 in Fullerton now has a new meaning to me. I went to the Station just thinking this was going to be an awesome experience. You know?...sign the truck, take a picture, and leave. Little did I know the impact it was going to have on this Blog and me. Opening the door to the garage of the Fire Station was a moment that took my breath away. The first thing was obvious, a huge PINK Fire Truck, but looking up close I saw that there was so much more.

The truck was covered in writing, all which was dedicated to different Warriors…either a remembrance, or support, for a fighter of Breast Cancer. On that truck I noticed one name that was written all over, PEPPER. Right then and there, I felt her and God’s presence. Pepper is Tara’s aunt who passed away from Stage 4 Breast Cancer on September 26, 2015. I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I know she was an amazing daughter, wife, mom, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend. Pepper fought and beat cancer once, but the reality of cancer is that there’s a large possibility of it returning, and for her it did. She is a WARRIOR, she fought with everything, all the way up to her last breath.

That Fire Truck was proof to me of what an amazing woman Pepper was. She continues to touch and teach people to live and love. It was hard to read the notes dedicated to Pepper, but being in the garage that day with Tara and watching her face as she read and took it all in, I now see that it was more important for Tara and my family to be there. Not only are the cancer patients WARRIORS but the people surrounding them are too.


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