SOAW Endurance Team

Fundraising with Stripes of a Warrior Endurance Team

We are excited to announce a new extension of Stripes of a Warrior. In an effort to raise more money to pay cancer patient's bills we were approached with the idea of starting an Endurance Team that compete for a cause.  Our mission is to “FIGHT cancer financially” and we know that each cancer Warrior’s body is put to their limit, enduring sometimes years of trials, chemotherapy, radiation, and numerous other treatments, We know that in any endurance sport each athlete is WILLINGLY putting their bodies to the test, training for hours, miles, and years for races and competitions that require ambition and drive. We saw the similarities and know the training and effort put into simply completing triathlons, marathons, cycling, swimming, Cross Fit, OCR, etc. that there is determination and will. We are looking for those athletes to join forces with Stripes of a Warrior and help us raise funds to help pay cancer patient’s bills so that they can continue their fight to be cancer free or simply spend what time they have left with their friends and family, making memories instead of stressing about their finances. Not only will our athletes be racing and competing with "Stripes of a Warrior" on their side but they will be competing with a cancer warrior’s name in their heart.

We are now open for applications to be part of our Endurance Team. 2019 is our first year and we are excited to put our name out there in the world of endurance sports.

Before filling out this application please be aware that you are REQUIRED to raise a minimum of $500 to be on this team.

Feel free to share the link with your triathlete friends, training partners, marathoners, etc.