Health Hikes

Taking Care of YOU

We love being active! There was a time during Mindy’s cancer battle that she couldn’t do any sports, or physical fitness activities, even something as simple as swimming…(which is the end of the world when Mindy can’t swim). So when it came time to get back into shape and start doing cardio again we eased into it by focusing on hikes or speed walking through Disneyland…with a few rides in between, of course.

Now that the cancer treatments are over and she got the “OK” to swim again, were going to focus on adding in some running and start training for a half marathon. We don’t know the destination or what half marathon we’ll do, but this is on the Bucket List and we have to do it. 

Every other day we run and the others we hike. We found it easiest to do cardio in the mornings before the craziness of life kicks in…especially with the kiddos. After taking the older kids to school we regroup and do some weights. Everyone enjoys some muscle right?! Once a week sometimes more, we go to Disneyland to enjoy a change of scenery, get some walking in…well let’s be honest we LOVE Disneyland, that’s the real reason we go, plus the kids love it too. Don’t be surprised if we post about our days at the Parks. SO if you see us there please stop and say hi!

For the most part we are gluten-free, but sometimes we do cheat…SHH!!! Ok I stand corrected I (Tara) cheat. We (Tara) love to cook, omelets are one of our daily go-to foods. We’ll include recipes that are quick, easy,  and healthy. If you’re like us sometimes TIME isn’t on our side. If you have any recipes that you think we should try please share!

Being healthy is a serious matter when it comes to cancer and the healing process, but it’s crucial for EVERYONE too, cancer or no cancer we need to take care of us. We promise that you’ll have more energy and be happier. You know your body best, how you’re feeling, and what keeps your energy levels up (even during chemo), so it’s important to take care of YOU

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