Who would of thought by starting this blog and sharing the stories of these WARRIORS that it would inspire us to help so many others.  Week after week we read so many stories.  Our hearts cry for so many people.  Each story we come across, we want to do more and more.  We are not doctors, we can not make anyone healthy, and we can not take away the pain.

There are many non profits that raise money for a “cure.”  When will this “cure” happen?  What about the cancer patients now? Story after story we have read and realized one common thing that can help those WARRIORS…easing the financial burdens that cancer brings.

We are turning Stripes of a Warrior into a non profit organization.  We will help ease financial burdens that cancer puts on the people affected by it.  If you have been reading and following the stories of our WARRIORS and can see and understand the importance of what we are doing, please help us start changing lives and making cancer a little easier for so many.  A special THANK YOU to our WARRIORS who have inspired us and allowed us to share their journeys and have opened a door that will help so many.

to help us become a nonprofit you can donate at Stripes of a Warrior

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