What We Do

Stripes of a Warrior will provide financial assistance to those that have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to afford their housing, medical bills, medication, or food expenses. All recipients are required to fill out an application that details their financial information (why they need our help) and confirms their medical diagnosis. The amount of each donation will vary and is dependent upon resources available and need.

We want to help as many people as we can and we need YOUR help. Each donation benefits someone in need of financial assistance due to cancer. As a donor you will be able to SEE where all of our donations go and who they are benefiting. Each week we will share the cancer stories or journeys of Warriors who have been affected by cancer on our Blog. When a donation is given, the recipient is required to provide us with their story so that we can bring awareness to ALL types of cancer, spread positivity, and encourage and strengthen our readers and others going through similar trials, that story will then be posted on our Blog.